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Environmental watering in Tuppal creek 2012-13


December 2012: This watering action has been completed.

Tuppal Creek during watering. Photo: Josh Campbell © Murray Catchment Management Authority

About the watering

Approximately 2 gigalitres of Commonwealth environmental water was made available for use in Tuppal Creek in New South Wales, during 2012-13. Tuppal Creek flows 60 km from the Murray River near Tocumwal, to the Edward River near Deniliquin.

Tuppal Creek after watering. Photo: Josh Campbell © Murray Catchment Management Authority

Commonwealth environmental water was delivered in conjunction with up to 2 gigalitres of environmental water supplied by the New South Wales Government. Environmental water was delivered in spring-summer 2012 to:

  • Provide flows through the system to maintain and improve water quality within the creek, particularly salinity.
  • Maintain and improve the health of native plant communities in the creek including river red gum, black box and lignum.
  • Contribute to providing good quality habitat, and support the breeding and recruitment of native animals, particularly frogs.

Locals remember Tuppal Creek as a healthy system that supported large numbers of native fish, including golden perch and Murray cod. However, many years of reduced flow and other impacts have degraded the creek environment.

Tuppal Creek has not previously received environmental water. Environmental watering in 2012-13 will build on recent natural flows in the lower part of the creek, and will help to improve its health.

Landholders along Tuppal Creek are key partners, who are kindly sharing their time, knowledge and experience to enable environmental water to be delivered to the creek for the first time. Landholders will assist in the delivery of the water by monitoring its flow down the creek, in conjunction with the monitoring undertaken by the Murray Catchment Management Authority and the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Environmental water delivery was managed by the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, in cooperation with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, Murray Catchment Management Authority, State Water Corporation and Murray Irrigation Limited.


The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has produced the video Restoring Tuppal Creek which refers to this watering event.

What makes this place so special and why is Commonwealth environmental water used here?

  • The Tuppal Creek area supports a range of important native animals, including the Australian bustard, superb parrot, and the bush stone-curlew.
  • River bank corridors along parts of the creek support over 120 different types of native birds, mammals and reptiles.
  • Tuppal Creek has important social values for the local community, and there is strong support to restore a healthy system that provides social and environmental benefits.