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Mundarlo Bridge, Murrumbidgee NSW
Wilgara Wetland
Wilgara Wetland, Macquarie Marshes, New South Wales
Agricultural industry in the Southern Basin
Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder David Papps with officers from NSW Office of Environment and Herritage, Paika Lake
Environmental Monitoring in Reedy Lagoon, Gunbower Vic
River Red Gums lining a billabong on the Lachlan River near Forbes, NSW
The Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline, Murray River, Morgan SA
Murray River, Barmah Forest, VIC

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office supports the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder to plan, manage and monitor a large portfolio of water for the benefit of the environment.

In addition to environmental water management, the Office also oversees aquatic ecosystems research and projects to improve water quality and ecological health of iconic wetland assets across the Basin.


The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder today released a series of scientific reports analysing the impacts of environmental water during 2014-15, as part of a $30 million investment in monitoring and evaluation projects across the Murray...
Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder first watering event to Banrock Station
Bitterns are booming in wetlands along the Murray River.


Environmental water

Latest environmental water storage, use, allocation and carryover data.

2014-15 Outcomes Snapshot

Improved outcomes for native fish, birds, frogs and habitat from environmental watering.