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Environmental watering in the Severn River (NSW), Macintyre Brook (QLD) and Dumaresq River (QLD), Border Rivers catchment 2013-14


31 March 2014: This action is completed.

About the watering

The overarching purpose of the water use is to contribute to improving the ecological health and resilience of the Border Rivers system. Commonwealth environmental water is available to contribute to in-stream fresh flows between August 2013 and June 2014.

The expected environmental outcomes of this watering action include contributing to:

  • the tumbling of in-channel substrate to scour algae and reset benthic periphyton (biofilm) processes to support primary production
  • providing migration and dispersal cues to native fish to support biotic dispersal, native fish reproduction and condition
  • wetting and interconnecting riparian areas and in channel benches to provide hydrological connectivity and support nutrient and carbon cycling.

Border Rivers catchment. Photo: Clare d'Arcy © CEWO

Up to 8000 ML of Commonwealth environmental water may be used as part of this watering action and consists of:

  • up to 4,000 ML of targeting the Severn River (NSW)
  • approximately 200 ML targeting Macintyre Brook (Qld)
  • approximately 3,800 ML targeting the Dumaresq River (Qld).

The total volume of Commonwealth environmental water used will depend on seasonal conditions and rainfall.

This watering action has been made possible by the collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders including the NSW Office of Water, NSW DPI Fisheries, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Qld Department of Natural Resource and Mines, State Water Corporation, SunWater, Queensland Murray-Darling Committee and local water users and landholders.