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Environmental watering in the Mallowa Wetlands, Gwydir catchment 2013-14


31 March 2014: This action is completed.

About the watering

Mallowa Wetlands, Gwydir catchment. Photo by Simon Banks (CEWO)

Up to 15 GL of Commonwealth environmental water may be used to provide a third successive year of inundation in the Mallowa Wetlands between September 2013 and April 2014. This watering action will support the ongoing recovery of the wetlands and build resilience by contributing to:

  • maintaining the condition of permanent and semi-permanent wetland native plant communities (e.g. water couch, spike rush, marsh club rush and lignum ;
  • promoting waterbird survival, condition, reproduction and fledgling
  • promoting fish movement, nutrient and carbon cycling, and primary production.

The Mallowa Wetlands comprises 1,642 hectares of native coolibah, lignum and river cooba plant communities. These plants have many of their natural processes, such as flowering, seeding and germination, determined by the amount of water that is available to them.

The wetlands provide valuable bird breeding habitat and food for a diverse range of waterbirds, including jabiru, brolga, egret and ibis, and are an important link to the range of habitats provided by the greater Gwydir Wetlands. As well as supporting a number of different types of birds that are listed under international conservation agreements.

The Mallowa Creek system also provides habitat for many different types of threatened native birds. These include Grey-crowned babbler, hooded robin, brown treecreeper, bush stone curlew, square-tailed kite, glossy black cockatoo, Australian bustard, diamond firetail and grey falcon.

This watering action has been made possible by the collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders including the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, State Water Corporation, the local environmental water advisory committee and landholders.

See also: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage media release Environmental Water Release to Mallowa Creek, Gwydir valley - 27 September 2013

Mallowa Wetlands, Gwydir catchment. Photo by Simon Banks (CEWO)