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Environmental watering in the Mehi River and Carole Creek, Gwydir catchment 2013-14


31 March 2014: This action is complete.

About the watering

The Mehi River, Gwydir catchment.

The Mehi River, Gwydir catchment.
Photo: Clare d'Arcy © CEWO

For the first time environmental water is being provided to the Mehi River and to Carole Creek in the Gwydir catchment to provide a greater diversity of flows to maintain habitat for native animals, particularly native fish.

Up to 15 GL and 5 GL of Commonwealth environmental water may be used in the Mehi River and Carole Creek respectively. The flows, targeting the Mehi River downstream of Combadello Weir and Carole Creek downstream of the off-take, are expected to reach their peak around 28 October 2013.

These watering actions will add to in-stream freshes with a slower, more natural rate of recession and are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • supporting fish movement, carbon/nutrient cycling, and primary production processes; and
  • supporting the condition of native aquatic animal communities (including native fish and invertebrates) and native fish larval abundance.

These watering actions have been made possible by the collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders including the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), NSW Office of Water, State Water, the University of New England, local environmental water advisory committee and landholders.

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