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Environmental watering in the Lower Lachlan Swamps


31 March 2014: This action is completed.

About the watering

Environmental water was provided to the floodplain and wetland areas downstream of Booligal targeting the Lower Lachlan Swamps; principally Lake Waljeers and Peppermint Swamp.

This action was aimed at:

  • supporting the ongoing environmental recovery following the 2012 floods
  • improving the condition of native plants communities, particularly river red gum communities, lignum stands and reed bed areas, and their ability to undertake many of their natural processes, such as flowering, seeding and germination
  • building resilience in the Lower Lachlan system so that the environment can survive through dry periods and the impacts of drought
  • providing in-stream benefits in the Lachlan River channel and fringing river areas as well as connecting the river to its lakes, creeks and wetlands which provides the opportunity for plants, animals and nutrients to move to new areas.

The release of up to 75,000 ML of Commonwealth environmental water and up to 15,000 ML of New South Wales held environmental water into the Lachlan River commenced on 7 June 2013 from Lake Brewster and was completed until mid July. The action also provided flows to several other important areas in the Lower Lachlan system including the Great Cumbung Swamp, Muggabah Creek and Moon Moon Swamp.

The Lachlan Riverine Working Group, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the State Water Corporation and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office contributed to the development and implementation of this watering action.

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