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Environmental watering in other Lachlan Catchment sites

8 June 2011 - Merrowie Creek

Up to 14.6 gigalitres of environmental water has been made available by the Commonwealth to provide river flows in Merrowie Creek. Delivery of this water for the environment was carried out from June 2011 to October 2011 and was delivered with 4 gigalitres from the New South Wales Government .

The purpose of the watering action was to improve system connectivity, support habitat for a wide variety of wetland dependent species, including threatened species and migratory birds. The action sought to do this by:

  • increasing system connectivity down Merrowie Creek and provide wetland habitat, in particular lignum, for colonial nesting birds
  • creating conditions conducive to breeding activity and subsequent population recruitment for Sloane's froglet on the Merrowie Creek system, and
  • prolonging the inundation of Lake Tarwong, to improve the health of river red gum, nitre goosefoot, macrophytes and floating plant communities, which provide habitat for water bird species such as freckled duck and blue-billed duck, great egret and the sharp-tailed sandpiper.

The watering action was managed in cooperation with the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, New South Wales Office of Water, State Water and Lachlan Riverine Working Group, as well as landholders and community members.