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Environmental watering in the Macquarie Marshes in 2012-13


15 February 2013: This watering action has been completed.

About the watering

Mole Marsh

Up to 100 GL of Commonwealth environmental water, in conjunction with additional environmental water supplied by the New South Wales Government, was delivered to the Macquarie Marshes as part of this watering action. The watering action aimed to contribute to:

  • maintaining adequate water levels across approximately 50,000 hectares of native wetland plant communities, including river red gums, to contribute to the ongoing regeneration of these communities that, in turn, provide habitat for many native animals
  • restoring the Marshes, which are recognised as a wetland of international importance
  • maintaining the connection of low-lying water courses on the floodplain to improve water quality and allow native plants and animals to move between different areas
  • providing the type of flow required to support the habitat needs and breeding sites of migratory shorebirds and waterbirds such as glossy ibis, Australian white ibs, straw-necked ibis, intermediate egrets and rufus night herons.

Delivery of this environmental watering action was managed by the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, in cooperation with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, the Macquarie and Cudgegong Environmental Flow Reference Group, Central West Catchment Management Authority, and State Water Corporation.

Wilgara Wetlands, Macquarie Marshes