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Environmental watering in the Lower Namoi River 2013-14


30 June 2014: Action did not proceed.

About the watering

Photo of waterway

Namoi catchment: Neal Foster, NSW Office of Water

Up to 7,878 ML of Commonwealth environmental water was made available to contribute to in-stream freshes and flow variability between September 2013 and June 2014.

Commonwealth environmental water was to be used to support a flushing flow, to contribute to maintaining the ecological health and resilience of the Namoi River system. The environmental objectives of the proposed watering action were to:

  • support native fish movement, carbon/nutrient cycling, and primary production for aquatic ecosystem processes; and
  • support native aquatic species (including fish and invertebrates) condition and movement, and fish larval abundance.

The suitable flow conditions required to deliver Commonwealth environmental water to the Namoi River system did not eventuate in 2013–14. As a result, the action did not proceed and environmental water was not delivered.