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Portfolio Management

The Commonwealth environmental water holdings comprise of both a portfolio of assets (water entitlements) and the accumulated annual yield of water (allocations) against those entitlements.

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) has legislated responsibility under the Water Act 2007 (Water Act) for decisions relating to Commonwealth environmental water, including the management of the portfolio so that it maximises environmental outcomes across the Murray-Darling Basin over time. The portfolio needs to be managed in accordance with the Water Act and the Environmental Water Plan.

The portfolio is diverse and includes most types of water entitlements in the Basin, including unregulated system entitlements. The water entitlements in the holdings retain the same characteristics as existed before acquisition. The portfolio is managed within the State government rules that apply to other equivalent entitlement holders (typically agricultural users). For example, the Commonwealth pays the same fees and charges for the holdings, receives the same annual allocations as equivalent entitlements, and operates within the same rules including the rules relating to carryover of water between years.

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What are the options?

To maximise the benefits of Commonwealth environmental water, the Commonwealth environmental water portfolio is actively managed which means the water may be:

  • delivered within the current year to meet environmental needs;
  • carried over to future years to meet future environmental needs; or
  • traded (disposal or acquisition).

Use of water within the current year. Decisions to use water are made after assessment against a Framework for Determining Commonwealth Environmental Water Use that focuses on the expected environmental outcomes.

Carryover water to future years. Decisions to carryover water for future use is based on current and future environmental needs and the carryover rules that exist for particular entitlements. Carryover arrangements vary significantly across the Basin. As a general principle water use is prioritised from entitlements where there is less capacity for carryover. For more information see carryover of Commonwealth environmental water.

Trade of the holdings. The Water Act 2007 provides for the disposal and acquisition of Commonwealth environmental water (entitlements and allocations). Such trade needs to be directed to achieving an improved environmental outcome and in most cases any proceeds from a disposal will be required to be spent on future acquisitions. For more information see Commonwealth environmental water Trading Framework.

Water allocations may be transferred between various accounts to implement the above management options. For example, when a decision is made to use water it is generally transferred to a delivery partner for the purpose of the agreed use. The water required for a particular water use action may be sourced from a range of entitlements. Transfers of allocation may also take place to improve the opportunities for carryover and facilitate trade of the holdings.

For further information about how water use, carry over and trade decisions are made please refer to the factsheet.

For more information on portfolio management, and future trading options, see the Portfolio Management Updates.

How does this compare to other water users?

The various portfolio management options are comparable to the type of options available to other owners of water entitlements. In some cases the decision may be to not pursue any of the above options and in these cases the rules associated with the particular type of entitlement would apply. In this circumstance the water that would otherwise have been available would typically be reallocated under the rules of a particular water sharing plan. This may result in reallocation of the water across all entitlement holders in a subsequent year.

Management of the Commonwealth environmental water holdings is subject to the same uncertainties that affect other owners of water entitlements. In making portfolio management decisions, the best available information is taken in to account including climatic, hydrological, environmental, market and catchment information. Continuous assessment of options occurs but the potential for changes in conditions (for example a sudden change in weather conditions) may mean that plans for the use of environmental water can change during the course of the year.

Portfolio management update - April - June 2015

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) is currently undertaking planning for water use options in the 2015-16 water year, including an assessment of any requirements to trade (dispose or acquire) water allocations during the April to June 2015 quarter so as to rebalance holdings in preparation for environmental use in the 2015-16 water year. Although the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) currently has no plans to trade water allocations or permanent water entitlements, this intention may change in response to requirements identified as part of the 2015-16 planning process. An update to the trading intentions for the April to June 2015 quarter will be undertaken if and when required.

The CEWO will provide further information to the water market prior to undertaking any trading action, based on decisions made by the CEWH.

Trading options under investigation

The CEWO is continuing to consult with Lower Balonne irrigator representatives to investigate options to establish contracts that allow the CEWH to improve inflows into Narran Lakes through acquiring water on a temporary basis. Temporary purchase options include the purchase of water harvesting extraction rights (i.e. to leave water in-stream during unregulated flows) or to purchase water stored in private storages for release into the river.

An overview of the proposed arrangements for trade in the Lower Balonne is now available for comment on the Trade public consultation page.

More information

For further information regarding the trade of Commonwealth environmental water refer to the Commonwealth environmental water Trading Framework, which includes operating rules, procedures and protocols.

Other information regarding the management of the Commonwealth environmental water portfolio can be found on the following pages: