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Portfolio Management Update

January - March 2015

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has considered opportunities to trade water in the Murray-Darling Basin during the third quarter of the 2014-15 water year (January to March 2015). During this period there are currently no plans to trade (dispose or acquire) water allocations or permanent water entitlements.

However the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office is continuing to investigate the potential to augment natural unregulated flow events during this period in the Lower Balonne (Culgoa and Narran rivers and other distributaries). These rivers are currently identified as having high environmental demand and supplementing flows in these rivers would be consistent with the Basin annual environmental watering priorities to protect refuge sites during ongoing dry conditions.

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office will provide further information to the water market prior to undertaking any trading action, based on decisions by the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

Refer to the Commonwealth environmental water Trading Framework, which includes operating rules, procedures, and protocols, for further information.

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