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Commonwealth environmental water annual use options: Planning Approach

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Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, 2014


This document sets out the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office's (the Office) approach to planning for water use during the 2014-15 water year. Sections 1 and 2 set the context for Commonwealth water use in 2014-15, given the role of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder as established by the Water Act 2007 and guided by the Murray-Darling Basin Plan , and summarises how the Office works with delivery partners to plan and implement watering actions across the Murray-Darling Basin.

The availability of Commonwealth environmental water is summarised in Section 3, with the broad approach to planning, implementing and monitoring watering actions in 2014-15 set out in Sections 4 to 6.

This document provides the overall context and approach to Commonwealth environmental water use planning and is complemented by individual water use options for each of ten planning areas across the Murray-Darling Basin. The ten planning documents that describe these water use options are available at: Publications.