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Monitoring of ecological responses to the delivery of Commonwealth environmental water in the lower River Murray, during 2011-12 - Final Report


Final report prepared by the South Australian Research and Development Institute, Aquatic Sciences, for Commonwealth Environmental Water Office

About the document

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office commissioned the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), Aquatic Sciences and partners to monitor the ecological response to environmental water delivered to the lower River Murray during the 2011-12 water year. The main findings were that there was an increased abundance and species richness of native fish compared to drought years (2005-2009) and Commonwealth environmental water contributed to increased base flows in the river channel, increasing hydraulic diversity for native fish. Commonwealth environmental water provided for barrage releases resulted in up to a 70% reduction in salinity levels in the northern Coorong lagoon as well as contributing to the export of salt and nutrients from the Murray Mouth.