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Environmental watering in the Campaspe River 2013-14

Campaspe River, September 2012

Status: This action is complete.

About the watering

The overarching purpose of this watering action was to improve and maintain the ecological health and resilience of the system. A total of 6,517 ML of Commonwealth environmental water contributed to in-stream base flows and freshes in September 2013 within the Campaspe River in support of native fish reproduction and condition, hydrological connectivity and biotic dispersal. Return flows of 6,069 ML from the Campaspe River were used to support downstream actions throughout the Mid Murray, Lower Murray, Coorong and Lower Lakes, contributing to the protection, maintenance and improvement of the diversity and condition of water dependent native plants and animals (such as native fish), water quality and ecosystem function.

The watering action was managed in partnership with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder, Goulburn-Murray Water, North Central Catchment Management Authority and The Living Murray.