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Environmental watering in the Edward-Wakool River System 2013-14

A large ‘multisite’ environmental water event in the Murray River during 2013-14 contributed to meeting environmental watering needs in the Edward-Wakool system. This included approximately 12,000-18,000 ML of environmental water delivered to Yallakool Creek during October to December 2013 to support Murray cod and Golden perch spawning and to maintain breeding habitat.

Additional Commonwealth environmental water was also made available for use in the Edward-Wakool River System during 2013-14 for the watering actions listed below.


30 June 2014: These actions have been completed

Yallakool Creek

8,494 ML of Commonwealth environmental water, provided during December 2013 to February 2014, contributed to a gradual recession to the Murray cod maintenance flow referred to above (the ‘multisite’ flows).

Niemur River

5,759 ML of Commonwealth environmental water, provided during February to March 2014, to the Niemur River via Colligen Creek contributed to maintaining water quality and reduce the risk of stress and mortality of native fish caused by high water temperatures and decreasing dissolved oxygen levels.

Tuppal Creek (Spring and Autumn)

A total of 2,562 ML of Commonwealth environmental water and 2,725 ML in NSW environmental water was provided for spring (October to December 2013) and autumn (March to April 2014) watering actions in Tuppal Creek during 2013-14. These flows contributed to providing habitat for native fish and frogs, improving water quality, and providing connectivity between the remnant pools and maintain water depths.