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Environmental watering of Hobblers Lake, Cherax Swamp and associated wetlands in 2012-13


30 June 2013: This action has been completed. For more information on 2013-14 environmental watering actions in this area please visit Environmental watering in the lower Murrumbidgee floodplains.

About the watering

Commonwealth environmental water was made available for use in lake and wetland areas of the western lower Murrumbidgee floodplain near Balranald, New South Wales.

Photo of Purple swamp hens in spike rush narwie west

Purple swamp hens in spike rush narwie west. Photo: James Maguire © NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Commonwealth environmental water was used in conjunction with NSW government environmental water. The environmental water helped fill lakes, wetlands and connect waterways in the area. It built on the outcomes achieved for previous environmental watering undertaken by the NSW government and contributed to:

  • maintaining the health and regeneration of native plant communities in Cherax Swamp, Yarrawol Creek and Narwie West, Reed Bed and Black Box wetlands.
  • the establishment and growth of native plant communities in Hobblers Lake and Penarie Creek which have been isolated from the floodplain and have not received environmental water before.
  • providing good quality habitat for native animals including waterbirds, fish and frogs.

This watering action was managed in cooperation with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW State Water and local landholders. It was delivered using new infrastructure funded by the NSW government and the Australian Government Biodiversity Fund. This includes the use of carp screens which helped prevent the movement of adult carp, a pest species, into key areas.

Monitoring the outcomes from this environmental watering action was done by the CSIRO, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and Charles Sturt University. The monitoring focused on the effect of environmental watering on native birds, fish, frogs, plants and water quality.


The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage produced the YouTube video Cherax Swamp and Hobblers Lake bounce back which refers to this watering event.