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Current Trade & Consultation

Current Trading Actions

There are currently no trading actions underway.

Further information

Information on previous trading actions is available at: Trading Outcomes

Information on Portfolio Management and future trade considerations is available at: Portfolio Management Updates

Information on the trading framework is available at: Commonwealth Environmental Water Trading Framework

Public consultation

Arrangements under development

Arrangements open for public comment
Name Comment period closes
No arrangements open for comment
Arrangements closed for public comment
Name Comment period closed
Water Market Intermediaries Survey 7 July 2015
Draft Lower Balonne temporary trade arrangement 27 April 2015

Guidelines for submissions

Please use the cover sheet and feedback template provided to complete your submission. This will ensure your comments can be accurately taken into account and will provide us with sufficient contact details should further information or clarification be required. However, please note that the use of the feedback template is optional - we welcome submissions in all forms.

For further information, or to request a hard copy of the document, please contact the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office by email at or by phone on (02) 6274 1439.

Where to send your submissions

Comments can be sent via email or fax to the addresses below. If you are unable to provide comments in writing please phone us on (02) 6274 1439.



(02) 6275 9664