Overview - Charleston Road Campus Redevelopment


On 21 September 2015, responsibility for water policy and resources was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Administrative Arrangement Order made on 21 September 2015.

This website will be updated to reflect these changes.

Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE

Funding $724 289
Location Bendigo, Victoria
Estimated annual savings Water: 405 kilolitres
Energy: -62 192 kilowatt hours
CO2 emissions: -84 tonnes*
Project completed September 2011
Solar panels generating electricity

Solar panels generating electricity

Photo: Silver Sun Pictures

This project involved the construction of two new buildings on campus. The new buildings saw the campus size increase by 25 per cent; however with sustainability features incorporated into the building consumption of water and energy has remained low.

Charleston Road Campus Redevelopment Project - Final report (PDF - 2.05 MB) | (DOCX - 42.09 KB)

Key initiatives

Key initiatives of the Charleston Road Campus Redevelopment project included:

  • a geothermal heating and cooling system for the two new buildings
  • a two kilowatt photovoltaic solar array
  • rainwater tanks with a capacity of 300 000 litres connected to the stormwater system
  • sophisticated light controls, solar lighting and a solar hot water system
  • passive design elements such as insulation and double glazing to minimise the new buildings' heat loss and gains
  • clerestory windows in common areas and classrooms to maximise the use of natural daylight.

*The project increased the size of the Charleston Road campus by 25 per cent which increased the water and energy usage, and the CO2 emissions. Even with this increase, water consumption decreased and energy consumption and CO2 emissions only increased by 8 per cent.

Comparison figures

Water - actual for 2011: 1069kL actual for 2010: 1446kL
Consumption decreased by 26 per cent.

Energy - actual for 2011: 849 580kW actual for 2010: 787 388kW
Consumption increased by less than 8 per cent.

CO2 Emissions - actual for 2011: 1155t actual for 2010: 1071t
Consumption increased by less than 8 per cent.

Further information on Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE's energy and power consumption, including a daily report with hourly figures. In the "Plant Name" box type "TAFE" and select "Australia" from the country list before searching. Select Bendigo TAFE Charleston Campus from the results.

Community engagement

Key community engagement activities that have been undertaken at the campus include:

  • education forums, industry engagement events and open days
  • hosting the state Vocational Education and Training Facilities Management conference, which included site tours of the Charleston Road Campus Redevelopment project
  • project staff participating in the 2009 Energy Futures in Regional Australia conference held in Bendigo
  • sustainability modules, now included in all of the courses on offer at the Charleston Road Campus.

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