Overview - Sydney Harbour Green Precincts Project


On 21 September 2015, responsibility for water policy and resources was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Administrative Arrangement Order made on 21 September 2015.

This website will be updated to reflect these changes.

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Funding $861 500
Location Cockatoo Island and North Head, Sydney, NSW
Estimated annual savings Water: 20 000 kilolitres
Energy: 160 000 kilowatt hours
CO2 emissions: 190 tonnes
Project completed June 2011

Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour

North Head Sanctuary (the former School of Artillery), North Head

Stationed across two of Sydney's spectacular public places, North Head and Cockatoo Island, this project, now complete, has integrated energy and water saving technologies into heritage listed buildings.

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust's objective is to open up unique Sydney Harbour sites to the public, while conserving the natural and cultural heritage values of these sites.

The Sydney Harbour Green Precincts project has generated 20 per cent of the electricity needs for both sites through the construction of two solar energy farms, and also harvested rainwater for use in toilets and for irrigation.

Sydney Harbour Green Precincts Project - Final report (PDF - 3.58 MB) | (DOCX - 43.1 KB)

Key initiatives

Key initiatives of the Sydney Harbour Green Precincts Project included:

  • using rainwater in the toilets and for irrigation
  • refurbishing the existing water storage infrastructure
  • installing multiple arrays of solar photovoltaic panels to meet the energy needs of buildings on both sites
  • retrofitting building with energy efficient equipment and fittings

Community engagement

The Sydney Harbour Green Precincts Project is unique in that it covers high profile sites that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The project inspires visitors to save water and energy in their own homes and workplaces.

Community engagement activities at both sites included:

  • installing interpretive signage and TV display monitors
  • creating a sustainability section on the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust website
  • providing an interactive information display for members of the public to use
  • taking group tours through the water and energy efficiency initiatives
  • integrating the works undertaken at both sites into current school education programs
  • distributing bi-monthly newsletters to a mailing list of approximately 10 500 subscribers.

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