Alexandra Canal Catchment Stormwater Reuse Scheme

About the project:

Project location: Sydney, New South Wales

Funding recipients: City of Sydney Council

Total Australian Government funding: $7,633,000 (GST exclusive)

Water savings: up to 690 ML/yr

This project consists of two sub-projects:

  • The new infrastructure in Sydney Park created a series of physical interventions to the park's existing wetland system to harvest, treat, store and re-use stormwater from the Munni Street Catchment. It will supply approximately 450 ML/yr of stormwater for a range of commercial uses in the vicinity of Sydney Park.
  • The new infrastructure in Green Square Town Centre will harvest an estimated 240 ML/yr of stormwater from a consistent dry weather flow from a 220 hectare area of the Sheas Creek sub-catchment for a range of residential, commercial and urban amenity irrigation uses.

Project benefits/objectives:

  • Improved security of water supplies.
  • Reduced demand on potable water supplies.
  • Reduced impact of urban run-off on water quality in receiving waters.

Project progress:

The Sydney Park project is complete with the Green Square Town Centre Reuse project due for completion by June 2016.


Details of the Alexandra Canal Catchment Stormwater Reuse Scheme can be located at: