Alexandra Canal Catchment Stormwater Reuse Scheme


Alexandra Canal Catchment Stormwater Reuse Scheme: Fact sheet (PDF - 261.12 KB)

About the project:

Project location: Sydney, New South Wales

Funding recipients: City of Sydney Council

Total Australian Government funding: $7,633,000 (GST exclusive)

Water savings: up to 690 ML/yr

This project consists of two sub-projects:

  • Sub-project 1 is the Sydney Park (Stage 2) which will create a series of physical interventions to the park's existing wetland system to harvest, treat, store and re-use stormwater from the Munni Street Catchment. It will supply approximately 450 ML/yr of stormwater for a range of commercial uses, such as metal refineries, in the vicinity of Sydney Park.
  • Sub-project 2 is the Green Square Town Centre Reuse project which will harvest an estimated 240 ML/yr of stormwater from a consistent dry weather flow from a 220 hectare area of the Sheas Creek sub-catchment for a range of residential, commercial and urban amenity irrigation uses.

Project benefits/objectives:

  • To improve the security of water supplies in Australia, without adding to greenhouse emissions.
  • Reducing demand on potable water supplies.
  • Reducing the impact of urban run-off on water quality in receiving waters.

Project progress:

The project is due for completion by June 2014.


Details of the Alexandra Canal Catchment Stormwater Reuse Scheme can be located at: