Derwent Park Stormwater Harvesting and Industrial Reuse Project


On 21 September 2015, responsibility for water policy and resources was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Administrative Arrangement Order made on 21 September 2015.

This website will be updated to reflect these changes.


Derwent Park Stormwater Harvesting and Industrial Reuse Project: Fact sheet (PDF - 264.92 KB)

About the project:

Project location: Hobart, Tasmania

Funding recipients: Glenorchy City Council

Total Australian Government funding: $9,244,000 (GST exclusive)

Water savings: up to 1500 ML/yr

The project will harvest stormwater from the catchment of Derwent Park, treated via gross pollutant traps and reverse osmosis, and then used for the irrigation of gardens and sports ovals at the Moonah Primary School and for industrial processes at the Nyrstar Hobart Smelter. Aquifer Storage and Recovery Bores will be used to store harvested water underground during high flow periods. The project aims to substitute up to 1500 megalitres of potable water each year (ML/yr) currently used by local industrial and commercial entities and the community.

Project benefits/objectives:

  • To reduce up to 1500 megalitres of potable water each year by harvesting, treating and reusing stormwater for open space irrigation and commercial and industrial purposes.
  • Reduce the impact of urban stormwater runoff on water quality in receiving waters.
  • To provide an educational opportunity to learn about the benefits and uses of stormwater harvested from the local catchment

Project progress:

The construction of the project commenced in May 2012 and is fully underway. The project aims to be completed by December 2013.