Central Irrigation Trust Remote Reading of Irrigation Water Meters

Riverland irrigation districts, SA

Australian Government Funding: $2,187,984

About the project

The project demonstrates innovative irrigation metering technology and data systems used to improve water use efficiency. It allows the Central Irrigation Trust based at Barmera to transfer consumption and flow data from 2334 electronic water meters on irrigation farms to a central computer system every 15 minutes. This allows farmers and system managers live access to information on flow and consumption 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Project benefits

The project has:

  • given irrigators access to flow and consumption data to maximise water use efficiency
  • provided information that leads to more precise irrigation schedules improving crop productivity and  water savings
  • built the capacity of water planners to analyse how water is supplied and improve performance
  • increasesd ability to fine tune water delivery to meet critical demands.


The project is now complete and the final report on the project is available here: