Integrated Water Resource Management in the South East of South Australia

South East of South Australia

Australian Government Funding: $6,249,000

About the project

The project has assisted the South Australian Government to meet its groundwater assessment objectives under the National Water Initiative by improving the management of groundwater resources across the South East of South Australia. This has been achieved through: enhanced groundwater resource assessments, monitoring and accounting across the region; support for an integrated regional resource management approach; and implementation of best practices in irrigation management. The project has established volumetric allocations in the South East through the installation of telemetry systems.

Project benefits

The project assists the sustainable management of water resources across the South East region of South Australia by:

  • providing a mechanism to determine resource sustainability
  • establishing an effective water accounting system
  • implementing and demonstrating best practice in irrigation management.


The project is now complete and the final reports are available below: