Water Smart Australia projects sorted by NWI objective


On 21 September 2015, responsibility for water policy and resources was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Administrative Arrangement Order made on 21 September 2015.

This website will be updated to reflect these changes.

Encourage innovation in water supply sourcing, treatment and discharge
Date Description Location Investment
17/07/07 Eurobodalla Water Supply Pipeline and Water Treatment Facilities NSW $14,999,997
29/08/06 Waterproofing Northern Adelaide SA $38,000,000
Encourage reuse and recycling
Date Description Location Investment
27/06/07 Statewide Wastewater System Upgrades SA $17,699,936
26/06/07 Waterproofing the South - Stage 1 SA $34,500,000
22/02/07 Craigie Groundwater Replenishment Trial Project (previously Beenyup) WA $19,400,000
29/11/06 Canberra Urban Waterways Rehabilitation ACT $10,200,000
16/10/06 Bendigo - Water Recycling Vic $6,300,000
22/03/06 Chatswood CBD and Civic Place Stormwater Management NSW $2,379,998
19/05/05 Mackay Wastewater Recycling Qld $45,543,706
Increase productivity and water use efficiency in agriculture
Date Description Location Investment
13/04/07 Tasmanian Irrigation water use automatic data collection and management project Tas $5,750,672
02/02/07 Coleambally Water Efficiency and Metering NSW $7,205,692
2/02/07 Lake Brewster Dam Efficiency and Wetland Rehabilitation NSW $7,500,000
20/10/06 Restoring Unregulated Rivers Initiative Vic $3,170,000
28/04/06 Central Irrigation Trust Remote Reading of Irrigation Water Meters SA $2,187,984
24/06/05 Macalister Irrigation District Channel Automation Vic $18,660,000
Increase urban water use efficiency and encourage water sensitive urban development
Date Description Location Investment
14/09/07 Warrnambool Roof Water Harvesting Vic $1,065,875
24/04/07 Western Corridor Recycling Plant Qld $408,000,000
21/04/06 Smart Metering and Sustainable Water Pricing Initiative Qld $2,549,829
29/03/06 Smart Approved WaterMark™ Scheme National $1,766,364
22/03/06 Water Loss Management Program for NSW Regional Water Utilities NSW $4,122,050
07/10/05 Metropolitan Adelaide Major Irrigator's Stormwater Reuse SA $2,764,951
19/05/05 Capturing Water Losses on the Gold Coast Qld $3,150,000
Manage surface and groundwater as connected systems
Date Description Location Investment
20/10/06 Sustainable Groundwater Management Vic $4,250,000
28/04/06 Integrated Water Resource Management in the South East of South Australia SA $6,249,000
28/04/06 Advancing Knowledge of Groundwater in the Mount Lofty Ranges, Northern Adelaide Plains and Kangaroo Island SA $1,520,000
29/03/06 Magnitude of Surface Water and Groundwater interaction National $1,350,000
Protect surface water and groundwater systems of high conservation value
Date Description Location Investment
02/02/07 NSW Rivers Environmental Restoration Program NSW $79,620,000
02/02/07 Restoring Flows to Wetlands in the Upper South-East of South Australia SA $7,699,937
Provide healthy safe and reliable water supplies
Date Description Location Investment
08/09/08 Water Quality 2010 NSW $4,500,000
04/07/07 Bega to Yellow Pinch Dam Water Transfer System NSW $10,000,000
14/06/07 Goulburn Water Supply Pipeline NSW $20,000,000
31/05/07 Mardi Mangrove Pipeline Link NSW $80,300,000
28/06/06 Environmentally Smart and Sustainable Water Supply for the Capricorn Coast Qld $16,467,000
Return over-allocated and overused systems to environmentally sustainable levels of extraction
Date Description Location Investment
26/08/07 NSW Hydrometric Network Expansion NSW $5,949,016
26/08/07 Pipeline NSW NSW $3,500,000
26/08/07 River Reach Water Trading System project National $2,277,918
18/08/06 NSW Wetland Recovery Plan NSW $13,400,000
05/04/06 Restoration of Groundwater Aquifer on the Cottesloe Peninsula WA $782,000
07/10/05 Virginia Pipeline Scheme Extension SA $2,035,000
24/06/05 Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Vic $266,000,000
19/05/05 Bundaberg Groundwater Rescue Feasibility Study Qld $227,273
Support statutory water planning
Date Description Location Investment
22/02/07 Water Planning in Western Australia WA $13,381,029
23/08/06 Implementation of the National Water Initiative in South Australia SA $12,885,589
07/04/06 Water Resource Planning for Sustainable Development in Northern Australia NT $845,926
07/04/06 Gulf Water Study NT $866,000
04/11/05 Agricultural Water Resource Planning Tas $2,253,945
07/10/05 Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Mount Lofty Ranges SA $13,900,000
Support water markets and trading
Date Description Location Investment
27/04/07 Goldfields Superpipe to Bendigo and Ballarat Vic $114,500,000
28/04/06 Environmental Water Trading System SA $705,000
22/03/06 Hunter and Gosford-Wyong Water Sharing NSW $6,610,000