Smart Approved WaterMark Scheme


On 21 September 2015, responsibility for water policy and resources was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Administrative Arrangement Order made on 21 September 2015.

This website will be updated to reflect these changes.


Australian Government Funding: $1,766,364

About the project

The Smart Approved WaterMark™ is a simple identification label which is applied to water efficient outdoor products in order to assist consumers to make informed choices. Products and services are assessed by an expert panel and awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark™ if found to contribute to water savings and water efficiency.

Project benefits

The project has provided:

  • a simple and identifiable label for products and services to allow them to differentiate themselves from competitors
  • recognition of those products and services that will contribute to a reduction in per capita water use and encourage further research and development
  • a simple and identifiable label for consumers so that they can make informed choices and in turn increase the rate of adoption of smart water technologies that reduce water consumption
  • increased water use efficiency in domestic and commercial settings, thereby advancing the National Water Initiative.


The project is now complete and the final report is available below.

More information about the Smart Approved WaterMark™ can be found at: Smart Approved WaterMark™ website