South East Irrigation Scheme


On 21 September 2015, responsibility for water policy and resources was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Administrative Arrangement Order made on 21 September 2015.

This website will be updated to reflect these changes.

Total funding: $33.0 million, with $19.5 million from the Australian Government, $4.6 million from the Tasmanian Government and the remainder from private contributions.

About the project

The South East Irrigation Scheme (SEIS) will deliver up to 3,000ML of summer water annually to the south east region at greater than 95% reliability. The water will be sourced from the Derwent River at Bryn Estyn and delivered to irrigators via existing Southern Water infrastructure at Granton and a new 82km pipeline network. A new 200ML holding dam at Rekuna will provide short term balancing capability between supply and demand. The scheme will also have the capacity to deliver a further 3,000ML of winter water to the same region, if future demand warrants.

The project will provide wide ranging benefits in terms of regional development, drought security and climate change adaptation and will enable expansion of existing production in fresh market vegetables, stone fruit and cool climate grapes.

The project has been managed by Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd, which is a Tasmanian Government owned company. More information is available on the Tasmanian Irrigation web site.

Further information