North East Victoria - Adapting to a low water future


On 21 September 2015, responsibility for water policy and resources was transferred to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources - Administrative Arrangement Order made on 21 September 2015.

This website will be updated to reflect these changes.

Wodonga City Council

Funding: $800,000

About the project

Wodonga City Council is the lead recipient for a consortium of Council's covering the regions of Wodonga, Wangaratta, Alpine, Towong and Indigo.

The project aims to adapt the North East region of Victoria to a low water future.

In doing so, the North East Greenhouse Alliance is required to:

  • systemically assess the risks and implications associated with climate change, with a particular focus on water availability;
  • review and update existing plans or develop new plans under the following categories:
    • corporate governance arrangements
    • community and economic/tourism development
    • infrastructure and asset management (including water savings plans)
    • risk assessment and management plans (including climate risk); and
  • identify a range of potential adaptation initiatives for infrastructure water saving measures and socio-economic adjustment.

Project benefits

  • Progress the region towards a sustainable water management model.
  • Deliver strategies and practical initiatives to secure water supplies and promote efficient usage into the future while balancing corporate, social, economic and environmental needs.

Project completion

The Wodonga City Council completed this project in May 2012. The project produced a report that identifies gaps, risks and opportunities for the Council and participating organisations and provides a solid foundation for future work in the region. This report incorporates corporate governance, socio-economic and infrastructure responses to adapt to a future with less water.

Further information

Further information on this project may be obtained by contacting the Wodonga City Council directly on 02 6022 9300.

The Strengthening Basin Communities program is funded by the Australian Government's Water for the Future initiative.