Help on searching for Nationally important (Directory) wetlands in the Australian Wetlands Database

First tips:

  1. Check that your browser software is set to accept all cookies and that javascript is enabled, otherwise the database report will return a page with just the header and no wetland information. In Netscape, from the Menu bar look under Edit/Preferences, in the Advanced category, for the relevant checkboxes. In Internet Explorer, look under Tools/Internet Options, on the Security tab, change the setting to medium-low.
  2. A text search will work on any part of the selected field and is not case sensitive, (eg a search on the field 'Wetland name' on "boo" returns a list of eight wetlands in five jurisdictions) this could be refined by using other fields (eg State).
  3. When selecting multiple values from a single field picklist, hold down the 'Ctrl' key when selecting the second, third, fourth, etc values, all values selected should be highlighted.
  4. When you have wetland(s) matching your selection, remember to tick the checkbox next to the wetlands name in the list before submitting to the database to "Produce Reports". If you would like to save the report to your computer, save it as a textfile (eg filename.txt).

Basic query form:

The basic query form allows you to perform searches of the database using a limited number of fields. It provides free text search fields that will search corresponding database fields for all occurrences of the text you enter. It also provides checkboxes and picklists for some fields; these allow you to select one or more values from those fields.

Any combination of fields can be used. For example, suppose you wish to search for all Inland Wetlands in NSW or the ACT where Corroboree frogs have been recorded. This would be done by ticking both ACT and NSW checkboxes, as well as selecting all the wetland types in the Wetland Classification - (B) Inland Wetlands list. In the Species text box, with Common name selected, you would type in "corroboree".

When you click on the "Submit Query" button the database would be searched for wetlands that have species with a common name that have the string "corroboree"; or "Corroboree" in them, are in the ACT or NSW, and have a wetland type of B1, or B2, or B3, etc.

Submit query:

Clicking on the "Submit Query" button will return a list of wetlands if the database fields selected contain information matching your search terms. From the list of wetlands, check the box next to one or more sites and click on the "Submit" button.

Other points:

If your search is unsuccessful and you know that there are wetlands matching the terms you entered, check your query to ensure syntax and spelling are correct.

As well as single wetlands, the Directory contains complex sites where there is an aggregation of wetlands. Think whether the wetland you are searching for might be part of a larger group.