Environmental Reporting Tool

Report by Coordinates

To define an area of interest for an environmental report using coordinates, first choose a search type: point, line, or area. Second, enter one or more pairs of coordinate(s) (latitude, longitude). For point searches, enter only one pair. For line searches, enter at least two pairs or three pairs respectively but no more than one hundred and fifty pairs. For area searches, enter at least three pairs of coordinates. You may enter coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds format in the individual boxes for latitude and longitude and then click the Add to List button. Each coordinate will then show in the Coordinates box separated by a comma. You may enter coordinates directly into the Coordinates box in decimal degree format. Decimal coordinates should be entered on separate lines in the box as shown (for a line) in the example.

Please enter a valid coordinate pair. Lat (Min -70, Max -5), Long (Min 65, max 180).Please enter valid coordinates. Lat (Min 5, Max 70), Long (Min 65, max 180). Minute and Second values are between 0 & 59.
Invalid entry. Please check the coordinates match the shape you are attempting to report on and the coordinates reside within the search area of the ERT (Lat: -5 and -70, Long 65 and 180). Coordinate pairs are limited to a maximum of 150.You have drawn an invalid intesecting feature.
Please enter a number between 0 and 9999.99.
Please enter a valid email address.