Environmental Reporting Tool

Report by Region

Select from the following layers - Commonwealth Electoral Division, Local Government Area, Regions for Natural Resource Management, and Postcode. Once a layer is selected, choose an item from the Region list, or for the postcode type the value. You may type in the Region field to assist locating the item (eg C for Canberra). Enter your email address (eg jane.smith@environment.gov.au) prior to clicking the Report button to receive the HTML report on your selected region.

The layer options will list in alphabetical order (CED, LGA, NRM and Postcode) with the default option displaying as that first in the list for CED, namely Adelaide, SA. Once a different layer is selected, its full contents will display in the scrollable (Region) box immediately beneath it. To make locating layers in larger regions easier, a search feature is included.

Please enter a 4 digit postcode.

Please enter a valid email address.